Sister Cities Girlchoir

The Girlchoir Movement in Philadelphia and Camden

Summer Camp 2016

Wednesday August 17th-Friday August 19th

**Families are invited to visit camp on Friday for a 1pm student performance!

MANDATORY FINAL Camp Registration,
Due July 5th (Click Link!)

Camp Fees!

Camp is $20 per girl for families. The full cost of $550 per girl is covered by Sister Cities Girlchoir grants and donations. No-shows are NOT ALLOWED!

Credit card payments

Money Order

PO Box 15277; Philadelphia, PA 19125. Payments due by July 25th!



PICKUP A: Aug 17th 8:00am DROPOFF: Aug 19th 5:30pm @ First Presbyterian Church, 418 E. Girard Avenue

PICKUP B: Aug 17th 7:15am DROPOFF: Aug 19th 6:00pm @ Harrity Elementary School, 5601 Christian Avenue